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By now you may have noticed that I have not been able to update the library for some time.  There's nothing I would like more than to continue to support the wonderful indie authors showcased here, but unfortunately time constraints have not allowed me to do so.  My plan is to get back to "normal" at the beginning of 2013 and continue to expand the library as usual.  To avoid any confusion, I have taken down the Join the Library page temporarily.  The rest of the site will remain open.  I thank you for your continued support and understanding!  I will see you all in January!    


How the Library Works

The Main Library Hosts ALL Authors & Books Listed on the Site, sorted by Author First Name, Rating, or Genre.
  The Children's Library Hosts Authors & Books from the Main Library that are Appropriate for Children, sorted by Author First Name.

The Teen/YA Library Hosts Authors & Books from the Main Library that are Appropriate for Teens & Young Adults, sorted by Author First Name.

  The Charitable Projects Section Hosts the Works of Some Amazing Indie Authors and Their Special Projects Benefiting Charitable Causes.


Authors New to the Main Library
MS Fowle
Sarah J Cota
Sbr Martin

Authors With New Books

None on latest update

Authors New to the
Children's or Teen/YA   Libraries 
MS Fowle
Sarah J Cota

Works New to the Charitable Projects Section
Grimsley Hollow

Featured Authors for July 2012
Barbara Scott Emmett
George Cook
Zach Fortier

Welcome to a different kind of library, where the best books aren't always those from the most famous writers. Take a look around and check out the wonderful written world of our independent writers, and discover something new today on the shelves of the Book Junkies Library!

You'll quickly see that this it not your ordinary library, but a place where you're sure to find your next great read! 

Thanks for visiting!


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